The Slide Swarm Process

How Slide Swarm Works

The Slide Swarm platform was developed for the purpose of critically exploring slide show presentations, by garnering the input of all parties involved.

The Slide Swarm platform is organized around 2 roles:

Swarm Administrator - a Swarm Administrator is responsible for recruiting people from their team into slide show exploration. The Administrator posts the slide shows that are to be discussed along with questions pertaining to those slides.

Swarm Member - a Swarm Member has privileges to review slide shows in which she or he has been invited to participate, with membership granted by a Swarm Administrator. A Swarm Member faces a series of questions about a slide show as a whole, as well as questions pertaining to each individual slide. To facilitate their role they can upload supporting documents and make suggestions about replacement presentations.

It’s really easy to use Slide Swarm for exploring your business cases. Here is the “process” in brief:

  1. A Swarm Administrator sets up a swarm [or a group of people] who can collaborate in a guided fashion through resolution of a slide show presentation.
  2. The Swarm Administrator then uploads a slide show presentation along with questions about the presentation and individual slides.
  3. Swarm Members are then able to access the presentation, comment on the slide show and slides, as well as upload supporting documentation.
  4. When all the Swarm Members have made their comments, the Swarm Administrator can then close the case to further commenting and allow for the slide show to be disseminated among members for reflection.
Presentations in Review

Looking to Try It? Need it Now?

Slide Swarm™ is currently in the early stages of commercialization. If your organization would like a demo, or would value immediate access, please contact the development team, Sandbox Software Solutions, for more information and a demo account.

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