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Collaborate on Improving PowerPoint® Slides

Microsoft® PowerPoint® is a dominant business tool in our presentation-crazy times. However, the software itself, installed on a local machine, does not easily enable shared and collaborative presentation/slide review by a group or team looking to refine, perfect and succeed with powerful and accurate presentations.

Slide Swarm™ lets you explore and refine PowerPoint® slide presentations in an online social portal. Two or more people, part of a review team, can login and explore uploaded PowerPoint® presentations, rate each slide and the presentation as a whole, and evaluate the presentation along completely flexible dimensions established within Slide Swarm™ by the presentation owner. For each presentation and slide, complete visibility into the comments of others, including the ability to add threaded feedback and rate reviewers’ inputs, is built in. You can upload additional resources to support the presentation or any slide. Once a review is completed, the presentation owner can download a comprehensive actionable report, giving presentation-level and slide-level feedback that can be acted on.

You’ve been frustrated for a long time with the review and commenting limitations of PowerPoint®; now meet the solution that will enable teams to get presentations right!

Slide Swarm™ enables PowerPoint® presentation review in a safe, structured and secure web environment.

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Slide Swarm™ is currently in the early stages of commercialization. If your organization would like a demo, or would value immediate access, please contact the development team, Sandbox Software Solutions, for more information and a demo account.

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